Finding the Perfect Gift: The Very Best Online Gift Sites

Finding the Perfect Gift: The Very Best Online Gift Sites


Trying to find the most perfect gift for someone you care about can be a strenuous task. Picking the item that will provide the most sentiment, or the most utility, or the most fun for the receiver is a formidable goal, but it’s always a good feeling to give someone a sublime gift that they end up loving. There are, however, easier ways to choose a gift than running around malls and outlets. There are plenty of gift sites that will fit the bill of even the most eccentric people in one’s life. The following are a few of these sites, that offer esoteric gifts, thousands of items, and make it easy to find the ideal gift for someone.


#1) ThisIsWhyI’mBroke.comshower-led
“This Is Why I’m Broke” is a site that contains thousands of products sold around the net. This site is easily navigated, and has several category options to narrow down the proper gift for the person you have in mind. There are “Gifts for Men”, “Gifts for Women”, “Gifts Under $20”, “Geeky Stuff”, and several other categories that make those with specialized interests easy to shop for.


#2) DudeIWantThat.commaxresdefault (9)
“Dude I Want That” is a site similar to ThisIsWhyI’mBroke that offers an immense list of special products. There are categories like “Gear”, “Entertainment”, “Food”, and “Outdoors”, which make searching for the perfect gift easier. There is also a Gift Guide, which further suggests gifts for demographics like men, women, teens, pet lovers, dads, moms, and toddlers. This is one of the most convenient aspects of the site, and makes this site an all around easy place to find gifts.


“That Shirt Was Cash” is an online clothing store that sells printed articles of clothing from user-submitted designs. This site has peculiar designs, good materials, and a good printing system which makes items like shirts, hoodies, and mousepads quality items to give someone. Since there are so many designs that are user-submitted, finding the perfect item for the fashionista with a specific taste for memes is easy on this site.


“Etsy” is a site with tons of homemade products like clothing, jewelry, crafts, and toys. There is a plethora of products that appeal to the artsy, homemaking, or bohemian-style people you’re finding a gift for. Because this site is mostly inhabited by sellers who make products by hand, there are numerous products that can be personalized as well, which always adds a more personal touch to a gift.


“Amazon” is a site with a massive amount of products. There are so many categories to choose from, and each category contains a myriad of items, so if you’re prepared to spend time shopping you will eventually find the perfect gift. This site also provides several options of the best priced items, which helps when considering the cost of a certain gift.


“Think Geek” is a site that particularly markets towards the geeky ones in our lives. This site has categories like “Bestsellers”, “Electronics and Gadgets”, and “Collectibles” which are easy to navigate. There are also areas like “Star Wars”, “Marvel” and “Game of Thrones” which direct you to the specific show or brand the receiver of the gift likes. This helps ensure that the receiver will love their geeky gift.



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Shopping Online VS At The Store

Shopping Online VS At The Store


Online versus at store shoppingonline-shopping-vs-in-store-shopping-1


The debate on whether to shop online or at the brick and mortar store will not end anytime soon. We have to admit online shopping has gained popularity over the years. However, many people would rather shop at the stores. The article will discuss the pros and cons associated with both techniques.


Online shopping


Online shopping has become popular since the Internet took over lives. It offers amazing shopping alternatives. Online shopping has its advantages, and that has created a booming business for the online vendors. Several items ranging from groceries to clothes to machines can be purchased online at the click of a button. Some of the advantages of online shopping include:


    • It saves time and is convenient. Actually, this is one of the best feature the online shopping has. With only sitting in front of computer with internet, you can access different stores in the world and look for what you intend to buy.


    • Saves energy. You cannot compare walking and visiting all the stores looking for a certain thing to buy. Online gives you that exemption and allows you to divert the energy you would have used to another place.


    • Easy comparison of prices. Here, you are 100{36526d8683a84ca69a241d56573f3f61ac0b61c3bda17f2d7d369f2e58d2ea0b} allowed to do window shopping in various stores and come up with the shop that has a lower price as compared to the others.


    • Available 24/7. Anytime, any day of the week you can do your shopping as there is no time limit to access the stores online.


    • No waiting in the queue. Because it is online, you don’t have to be queuing with other people to purchase something.


    • It is easy to search for the merchandise you need





    • Not ideal for shoppers who want to check the items personally. There is no option of counterchecking that the good you have purchased is actually the one you needed and is not faulty.


    • It requires patience as you for delivery to be made. After purchasing online, you need to wait for some time for the stores to do the shipping.


    • Scammers and hackers may trick unsuspecting shoppers


    • The price may be a bit higher compared to the physical stores. Even if you buy a good at a lower price online, there will be shipping charges and the packing and the end result will be you paying a higher price.



Physical stores


There are people who would rather shop at the brick and mortar store. Just like online shopping, it has its good and bad side.




    • The experience of physically touching the merchandise


    • One can test the texture or determine how comfortable the product is before making a purchase


    • Instant gratification: You walk out of the store with your product


    • The ability to negotiate for lower prices





    • It may be time consuming and tiresome moving from store to store


    • Shopping is limited to opening hours only


    • Long queues especially during holidays


    • Irate customers and cashiers



Shopping is a major aspect of our lives. Whether you choose to shop online or stick with the traditional in-store method, it is advisable to vigilant, and ensure safety as you spend your hard earned money.




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Dangers Of Shopping Online

Dangers Of Shopping Online


Online shopping.


Online shopping is the act of buying goods and services over the internet using a web browser. This is an international commercial base, which enables one to access worldwide markets. Online shopping enables one to buy goods anywhere and or overseas. Online shopping only requires a device with a web browser that can be able to connect to the internet.internet_bank_hack



There are various retailing corporations which are involved in selling the products and services online, this include Alibaba, Amazon, e-bay and Jumia. Products such as clothing, electronics, software and apps can be sold online. Consumers are able to get access to this products and services by visiting the website of the retailers. The consumer looks at the goods he/she desires and orders through the e-mail or can call through phone. After taking the orders payments are made through PayPal accounts, postal money order, invoices or credit cards. After payment the products are delivered either by shipping, downloading or printing.



This method of shopping is of high convenience as the products and services are delivered very fast thus it’s a reliable method of shopping. It also has a lower cost when taking orders and purchasing. When researching, it gives one to get apt with the market scope, and also one can get reviews of the products which may help to pick that which fits your need.


However, online shopping with all its numerous advantages and effectiveness, it may sometimes have pitfalls. That is;


Fraud and security issues.

This is so common where some people steal people’s credit cards and scheme up deceptive measures to get to get to one’s account thus draining it completely. This is also evident as there are hackers who hack also hack a retailer‘s website and steals the names, addresses and credit card numbers of the customers and hence gets to steal from them. This is identity theft.



Lack of full disclosure of costs.

Online shopping offers a broader selection of products and price comparisons. However, it does not show the sum cost upfront by indicating the additional costs such as the shipping costs. This makes it difficult for a person to budget with the cash he/she has.



Another concern is the privacy issue.Windows-10-Privacy-Issues-on-Surface

A number of customers desire to avoid spam but some retailers do not have a privacy policy for their consumers. They share their customers’ information to other retail companies which is not write because the customer may be subjected to deceptive schemes.



Rogue websites

Not every deal is a good deal, some people who are criminals may open websites that mimicking exemplary retailers that you have used before. This is made to confuse people and steal their payment details such as the credit card and bank account details. This is much more like scam.



Counterfeit goods.

This is a world class problem facing many online shoppers. Very valuable and costly products are sold at throw away prices because the prices are cut. This may attract the consumer since he/she will consider the price beforehand without looking confirming the product’s outlet genuineness. As the wise words deploy, “when the deal is too good, think twice”.



Fake online reviews.

This may result in a consumer going for a product from a retail website which does not vest your interests and needs. The sites may be advertised to produce products and services that are in-existent and also purchasing fake goods which are of low quality. This means the consumer will incur a loss since the product or service offered is not serving his/her needs.







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Things to consider when shopping online

Things to consider when shopping online


Nowadays, online shopping has become such a huge phenomenon. Comfort and convenience are the two main reasons that internet purchasing has grown tremendously over the years. Shoppers can search, order for any product and have it delivered right to their doorsteps. Online shopping can save you cash substantially.


With more and more individuals looking to shop on the internet, here are some things to consider when shopping online before placing an order:Cf56sNxWcAAOltm


    • Get The Best Product Within Your Budget Range



Just like when purchasing anything at the shopping center or mall, ask yourself whether you can get the same product somewhere else at a lower price. Never settle for one online shopping store. Visit a couple and see what each has to offer. You can check out to find similar products for less cash with good reviews and recommendations.


    • Visit Cash Back Or Coupon Sites



Many stores such as Amazon coupons and offer awesome discounts and excellent cashback deals on your purchase. For vouching cutting needs, these stores have comprehensive data sources. For instance, Amazon has an array of coupons available such as discounts on an entire purchase and free shipping. Ensure you maximize on ‘out-of-season’ sales. All these are strategies you can use to get the most out of your shopping.


    • Only Shop At Secure Sitesimage



How can a shopper tell a site is secure? Secure websites usually use encryption technology to transfer data from a customer’s computer to that of the retailer. Encryption usually scrambles the information you relay, like a credit card number to prevent you from computer hackers. Here are some of the ways you can tell that a site is secured:


    • At the top of its screen, the site should have ‘https://.’ The ‘s’ after ‘http’ is an indication that the site is secure


    • It should have a closed padlock displayed in its address bar



    • Don’t Get Tired Of Reading A Site’s Security And Privacy Policies



Reputable websites offer information on how they will process your order. You can find this information in the section entitled ‘Private Policy.’ From this section, you can know if a merchant intends to share your crucial information with an affiliate or third party company. Check whether the site needs such companies to avoid marketing to their clients. If not, expect to get ‘spam’ or unsolicited emails for the companies.


In addition to saving you money, internet purchasing can also save you both time and the frustrations of having to deal with the crowd at the store. Before you check out on your next online shopping, it is prudent to consider the above things.






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