Trying to find the most perfect gift for someone you care about can be a strenuous task. Picking the item that will provide the most sentiment, or the most utility, or the most fun for the receiver is a formidable goal, but it’s always a good feeling to give someone a sublime gift that they end up loving. There are, however, easier ways to choose a gift than running around malls and outlets. There are plenty of gift sites that will fit the bill of even the most eccentric people in one’s life. The following are a few of these sites, that offer esoteric gifts, thousands of items, and make it easy to find the ideal gift for someone.


#1) ThisIsWhyI’mBroke.comshower-led
“This Is Why I’m Broke” is a site that contains thousands of products sold around the net. This site is easily navigated, and has several category options to narrow down the proper gift for the person you have in mind. There are “Gifts for Men”, “Gifts for Women”, “Gifts Under $20”, “Geeky Stuff”, and several other categories that make those with specialized interests easy to shop for.


#2) DudeIWantThat.commaxresdefault (9)
“Dude I Want That” is a site similar to ThisIsWhyI’mBroke that offers an immense list of special products. There are categories like “Gear”, “Entertainment”, “Food”, and “Outdoors”, which make searching for the perfect gift easier. There is also a Gift Guide, which further suggests gifts for demographics like men, women, teens, pet lovers, dads, moms, and toddlers. This is one of the most convenient aspects of the site, and makes this site an all around easy place to find gifts.


“That Shirt Was Cash” is an online clothing store that sells printed articles of clothing from user-submitted designs. This site has peculiar designs, good materials, and a good printing system which makes items like shirts, hoodies, and mousepads quality items to give someone. Since there are so many designs that are user-submitted, finding the perfect item for the fashionista with a specific taste for memes is easy on this site.


“Etsy” is a site with tons of homemade products like clothing, jewelry, crafts, and toys. There is a plethora of products that appeal to the artsy, homemaking, or bohemian-style people you’re finding a gift for. Because this site is mostly inhabited by sellers who make products by hand, there are numerous products that can be personalized as well, which always adds a more personal touch to a gift.


“Amazon” is a site with a massive amount of products. There are so many categories to choose from, and each category contains a myriad of items, so if you’re prepared to spend time shopping you will eventually find the perfect gift. This site also provides several options of the best priced items, which helps when considering the cost of a certain gift.


“Think Geek” is a site that particularly markets towards the geeky ones in our lives. This site has categories like “Bestsellers”, “Electronics and Gadgets”, and “Collectibles” which are easy to navigate. There are also areas like “Star Wars”, “Marvel” and “Game of Thrones” which direct you to the specific show or brand the receiver of the gift likes. This helps ensure that the receiver will love their geeky gift.



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