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The debate on whether to shop online or at the brick and mortar store will not end anytime soon. We have to admit online shopping has gained popularity over the years. However, many people would rather shop at the stores. The article will discuss the pros and cons associated with both techniques.


Online shopping


Online shopping has become popular since the Internet took over lives. It offers amazing shopping alternatives. Online shopping has its advantages, and that has created a booming business for the online vendors. Several items ranging from groceries to clothes to machines can be purchased online at the click of a button. Some of the advantages of online shopping include:


    • It saves time and is convenient. Actually, this is one of the best feature the online shopping has. With only sitting in front of computer with internet, you can access different stores in the world and look for what you intend to buy.


    • Saves energy. You cannot compare walking and visiting all the stores looking for a certain thing to buy. Online gives you that exemption and allows you to divert the energy you would have used to another place.


    • Easy comparison of prices. Here, you are 100{36526d8683a84ca69a241d56573f3f61ac0b61c3bda17f2d7d369f2e58d2ea0b} allowed to do window shopping in various stores and come up with the shop that has a lower price as compared to the others.


    • Available 24/7. Anytime, any day of the week you can do your shopping as there is no time limit to access the stores online.


    • No waiting in the queue. Because it is online, you don’t have to be queuing with other people to purchase something.


    • It is easy to search for the merchandise you need





    • Not ideal for shoppers who want to check the items personally. There is no option of counterchecking that the good you have purchased is actually the one you needed and is not faulty.


    • It requires patience as you for delivery to be made. After purchasing online, you need to wait for some time for the stores to do the shipping.


    • Scammers and hackers may trick unsuspecting shoppers


    • The price may be a bit higher compared to the physical stores. Even if you buy a good at a lower price online, there will be shipping charges and the packing and the end result will be you paying a higher price.



Physical stores


There are people who would rather shop at the brick and mortar store. Just like online shopping, it has its good and bad side.




    • The experience of physically touching the merchandise


    • One can test the texture or determine how comfortable the product is before making a purchase


    • Instant gratification: You walk out of the store with your product


    • The ability to negotiate for lower prices





    • It may be time consuming and tiresome moving from store to store


    • Shopping is limited to opening hours only


    • Long queues especially during holidays


    • Irate customers and cashiers



Shopping is a major aspect of our lives. Whether you choose to shop online or stick with the traditional in-store method, it is advisable to vigilant, and ensure safety as you spend your hard earned money.




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