When it comes to gaming, the performance of a VR-ready laptop cannot be overemphasized. The laptop must be at top of the notch in terms of speed, RAM and graphics. In the past, there were no specific requirements for high-end gaming laptops. As long as the laptop was 7th generation with a RAM of 8GB, then it was good to go. Today, gaming laptops have really improved and now need to be VR-ready laptops in order to be truly future proofed. With speeds of up to 2.2GHZ and 12GB of RAM, the laptops exhibits high speed and no task seems to slow them down. The gaming world has moved to another level and you shouldn’t be left behind. Portability and budget are other things to consider when considering getting a new machine.


Be the king of the gaming world with this ultra-thin gaming machine. The CPU is Intel core i7 with NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics. The laptop has a 64GB RAM and 2TB HDD memory. The laptop high performance capability ensures it does not slow down thus, making sure ever second is utilized in your gaming. The laptop comes with antiglare to protect your eyes, making it very user-friendly. It has noise control to avoid disrupting your surroundings, making it one of the Top Gaming Laptop for Fathers.

Razor Blade

The laptop offers you high gaming performance in a slim package which is easily potable. It has the newest eighth generation Intel Core i7-8750GZ CPU with NVidia GeForce GTX1060 Max-Q or GTX1070 graphics. The slick slim design and an impressive Chroma –light keyboard makes it another Top Gaming Laptop for Fathers.Though it is one of the best gaming laptops, the Razor heat controls are not the best and it heats faster than other laptop. It is also noisier than most laptops of its class. The GTX1070 is also not as strong as the GTX1080 in the MIS S65 Stealth.

Predator Helios 500

This gaming laptop comes with a 17” screen. The laptop is an eighth generation Intel Core i9 8950HK, GTX1070 and 16GB of RAM. Its gaming performance is incredibly high and may probably have more power than you could imagine. The thermal performance of the Helios 500 is excellent and does not heat easily. One of the short comings of the laptop is its bulky size- it is heavy and not so modern looking.


The laptop comes is Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor powered, and its IPS display is 15.6 inches. HDMI output and NVidia GeForce GTX1060 6GB graphic gives the gamer a full suit for gaming supremacy. The dual band 2.4GHz/5.0GHz ensures you a high speed surfing. The superb graphics are dedicated for gaming and video playing. The laptop comes installed with the Chinese version of windows 10, making it not so friendly for English speakers.

Challenges Expected With Gaming Laptops

Heat Management

The main short comings of many gaming laptops are the thermal management. Most of the best in terms of speed and graphics sometimes overheat and cannot be used on the lap. The Top Gaming Laptops for Fathers will be those that can at least reduce the heating.


In an attempt to combine excellent features, the laptop manufactures are forced to increase the size of the laptop. Most of them are bulky and portability becomes an issue. As a father interested in gaming, you might want to go for those below the 17 inch in size. A 15.6 inch laptop would be a good one for you.


Most gaming laptops are priced high. You should work with a budget and look for a laptop that is at least Intel Core i7 with 8GB of RAM. With these specifications, a laptop within your budget will be good for you. If you are not able to get a new gaming laptop with the right specifications and within your budget, you can go for the refurbished. Refurbished laptops are laptops that have been used elsewhere and sold to you as second hand computers. You will get a nice gaming machine with an excellent performance and display in the refurbished market.

For fathers who are interested in gaming you can get a good gaming laptop, online shopping sites such as Amazon can provide you with a wide variety to choose from. Keep in mind the basic specifications of the top gaming laptops when making your choice. At the very least, an excellent Intel Core i7 in the eighth generation and a 12GB of RAM will take your gaming experience to another level.

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